Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

We went out for Halloween on Saturday night, which was October 30th. Katie, Tom, Jeff and I got dressed up and met up with Kris, Emma, and Jaisha, and a couple of their friends.

Jeff and I dressed up as a 1950's couple, Katie was Hermione from Harry Potter, Tom dressed up as Jeff in college, Kris and Emma were Bill and Sookie from True Blood, and Jaisha was a Star Trek character with a light saber.

We hung out for a while at Kris and Emma's apartment (they live just a few blocks from Jeff and me now!), and then stopped by Stoney's Pub. There were some good costumes there, including some people dressed up as contestants from Double Dare. We used to have a Double-Dare board game, which I loved!

From there, we headed to Policy, where we spent the rest of the night dancing!

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dreamgirl143 said...

Where did you guys find the blue helmets for the DD costumes?! I need them for our costumes this year! Help please! I cant find them anywhere :) thanks sooo much