Friday, June 25, 2010

Boston - Day 4

On our last day in Boston, we slept in until the last minute before check-out - and in some cases, a bit longer ;). At 11am we had brunch at Sonsie - Beth and I split the eggs benedict (with salmon) and the mushroom and brie pizza. Both were great - I love the food there!

After Sonsie, we started to split up. Brian and Lindsey headed off with Lindsey's cousin (they were staying a few extra days). The rest of us headed to the Harvard Bridge to enjoy the view of Boston.

From there, Jeff and I decided to take relax on the esplanade for a while. It's amazing how quiet and peaceful it is so close to the city.

We met back up with Emma, Kris, Beth, Stephanie, and Arthur on Newbury Street before heading off to the airport! The trip went by very quickly, but it was sooo much fun!

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