Friday, June 25, 2010

Boston - Day 1

Last weekend Jeff and I went on a trip to Boston with a group of friends, and now I'm finally getting around to blogging about it! We've been talking about the trip for a year or so, and have been actually planning the trip for months - some of our friends had never been to Boston, so the plan was to get everybody together and show them around.

The trip started on Thursday evening. Jeff and I met up with our friends Brian and Lindsey at BWI airport (they were connecting from Ohio and just happened to wind up on the same flight!). At the same time, Emma, Kris, and Beth headed out from IAD airport. We magically arrived in Boston at almost exactly the same time (around 9pm).

We hopped into cabs and headed to out. We had rented a penthouse apartment on Beacon Street, less than a block from Boston Common/Public Garden so that we could all stay together in downtown Boston. The apartment was beautiful and had floor to ceiling windows in the living room with a panoramic view of the city. Pretty incredible. Upstairs there was also a spot where you could go out on the roof and enjoy views of the river and Cambridge. [As an aside, I think my future plan is to always rent a house or apartment when traveling with a group. It tends to be bigger and cheaper than a hotel, and you have access to a kitchen, which makes it possible to make coffee and breakfast in the morning and other meals if you want. Having a living room area is also really nice when hanging out with a group. And all staying together is nice so that everyone can kind of get up when they want in the morning and hang out together while still getting ready - instead of just having a meeting time in a hotel lobby or something.]

After setting our stuff down, we headed out for food. We walked a few blocks down Newbury Street and settled on 'Stephanie's on Newbury' for dinner. It's a bit pricey, but I really like the food there. The patio is really nice, though with a group of 7, there wasn't space, so we were inside. The Celtics were playing the final game of the playoffs against the Lakers, so we followed the score during dinner, and after dinner we hung out at the bar to watch the end of the game. Sadly, it didn't turn out well for Boston.

After that it was back to the house to get some sleep before our first big day of sight-seeing!

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