Sunday, June 6, 2010

After Comps

After taking the political comprehensive exam on Tuesday, I went to Urbana for dinner with my friend Janet, who was in town for the week. (Sad that I only got to see her the one time - it was just a crazy time with exams!) As always, the food at Urbana was great, and since we made the reservation on OpenTable, we got a free glass of champagne with dinner. (Thanks to Stephanie for that tip!)

On Thursday, when both comps were done, I celebrated with a bowl of Ben & Jerry's, got ready, and headed out to Buffalo Billiards for a celebration happy hour. In addition to the normal Thursday Happy Hour crowd, I invited all the UMD PhD's, since some of them were also taking comps. Lots of people came, which was really fun, and Jeff and I and a few others ended up staying out pretty late. It was my first time to Buffalo Billiards, and I actually liked it a lot. They had a great all-night drink deal ($3.50 for Sam Adams), pool tables, and darts. It's big, so it doesn't ever seem too crowded. It's a nice place for a laid-back, jeans-and-a-T-shirt kind of evening.

Other than doing a bit of work, I spent most of Friday relaxing on the couch and essentially doing nothing - for the first time in months! I caught up on some not-so-great TV (like Grey's Anatomy) that had built up on the DVR and just relaxed.

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