Sunday, February 13, 2011

Wedding Registry – Honeymoon Registry

Since we live in a studio apartment, we can’t fit very many new kitchen appliances or other traditional wedding registry items. We registered for some of these types of items, but Jeff and I decided to get a little creative in creating one of our registries – picking a collection of things we know we’ll love – a honeymoon registry.

Jeff and I love to travel, so we planned a really exciting honeymoon – a mix of relaxation and adventure, and a collection of mostly places that neither of us have ever been before. We thought it’d be really fun if people could have the option to give us part of our honeymoon as a gift! So, we broke up our honeymoon plans into a bunch of discrete items – hotel stays, portions of flights, and meals in different cities. Now people can choose something that they think is fun or exciting, and give us that as a gift. And I know that Jeff and I are both really excited about every aspect of the trip, so they’ll also be really fun items to write thank you notes for.

I created the registry myself using google docs, a google form, and paypal – I thought this would be best because even though there are websites that offer honeymoon registry services, they often take 7-15% of each gift.

So, here is what I wrote on our website to explain how it all works:

How This Registry Works
Just to play it safe, Jeff and I have already made all of our reservations. But now, we're putting all of our plans online, and they've been bundled into various gift-giving sizes. Now you can look through the list of honeymoon items and choose one that you'd like to give. Then there are two steps to getting that gift.

Step 1: Reserve the Gift. Once you decided on something, you can scroll to the "Honeymoon Registry Reservation Form" near the bottom of this page and fill out the form to reserve that item. Within 24 hours of submitting the reservation form, you'll get an email confirming your reservation. Attached to the email, you will find an e-certificate corresponding to your gift (which you can print out and put in the card!). 

Step 2: Purchase the Gift. You can pay either by enclosing a check made out to Mariel John along with the e-certificate (this can be mailed to Mariel & Jeff or given at the wedding), or you can pay using a credit card or paypal account - just follow the instructions at the bottom of this page. Payments made by credit card or paypal will go directly to Mariel & Jeff.

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Honeymoon Wedding Registry said...

i`m much confused in registering of meals item before traveling but its really helpful to put things in mind and arrange things the way we like:)