Sunday, February 13, 2011

Planning trip to Strasbourg

Just after our early Valentine’s Day dinner on Friday, Jeff drove me to Dulles airport to start my trip to France and Germany. I’m presenting at the International Space University Symposium (about the International Space Station). I presented the same symposium two years ago (the topic then was Space Security), and that time Jeff came along. But now, since we’re saving up for the wedding, I’m going on my own.

The plan was to arrive in Strasbourg on Saturday afternoon (after a connection through Paris). Then my friend Christoph was going to pick me up at the airport and we’d go to his place in Freiburg, Germany. I’ll stay with Christoph for a couple days, and then on Monday, I’ll take a train to Strasbourg, and check into my hotel. The conference is Tuesday through Thursday – my presentation is the first one in the morning on the last day. On Friday, I’ll take a train to Frankfurt to visit Diana. Then Saturday late afternoon I’ll take a train to Gottingen to see Cordula. On Sunday evening, it’s back to Freiburg to stay one more night at Christoph’s place, and then early the next morning (really early), I’ll go back to the Strasbourg airport and fly home!

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