Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New Phone

Black Rubber Touch Phone Protector Hard Cover Case for htc Mytouch 4G hd EmeraldOn Sunday, I got a new phone! My old one was running out of steam - dropping calls, generally running slowly. So Jeff and I went out to the T-Mobile store. I figured it'd be nice to get a 4G phone, since they're about the same price as the 3G phones. That drastically cuts down the options; T-Mobile only has two 4G phones right now - the Google G2 and the MyTouch 4G. The Google G2 is a bit older, but it gets updates more quickly than most phones, since it's just Google's operating system. The MyTouch is newer and has more new applications and features. I decided to go with the MyTouch (even though the right techie thing to do was probably to get the G2 with the faster updates), but I'm living in the now. And the MyTouch 4G is cool. It's got a metal body, so it feels substantial. It comes with some really handy apps - I'm actually loving the flashlight app - the phone has a tiny light on the back, and the flashlight just keeps that turned on - a perfect night light for reading in bed! It also has Rock Band, which is hilarious, and not actually that similar to the real game, but still fun. It also has a lot of features that make it well suited to be set up on a stand and used as a desk clock or alarm. It has TV, but everything's too expensive to be worth it, I think. And it has all of my apps, and they run really fast. And I love that! 

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