Sunday, February 13, 2011

SpaceX and Tesla Party

Last Thursday, after happy hour, Jaisha, Beth, and I went to a party that was thrown by SpaceX and Tesla. It was half in the Tesla dealership and half in a tent set up next to the dealership. In addition to a bunch of Teslas being displayed, they also had the flight-tested Dragon capsule (it went to space and back!). It was a really cool party - I saw Elon Musk's wife, and she was in an episode Doctor Who, which is awesome. (I also saw Elon, who is cool because he builds rockets and electric cars... though he was never on Doctor Who.)

Afterwards, we had a bit of an adventure, trying a fun cocktail at Againn, then off to The Gibson to show Arthur what it's like (we sat upstairs - I never even knew it had an upstairs...), and then to Brasserie Beck to end the night.

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