Monday, April 12, 2010

Yuri's Night

This past Saturday, Jeff and I celebrated "Yuri's Night" with some friends. Yuri's night was developed as a worldwide celebration to commemorate the first person in space - Yuri Gagarin.

We got together at Jaisha's apartment first. Jeff tried on Kris's Darth Vader helmet - At first Jeff's version of Darth was not prepared to fight.

But then he got it together.

Later in the evening we headed to a Yuri's Night party - which included a space-themed burlesque show - at the Capitol Skyline Hotel.

The party was fun - there were lots of people in costumes, a space pop-art show, a moon-bounce, and a bar with an on-going sci-fi trivia presentation.

They gave out free stuff - like these nifty light-up rings that Jaisha and I got.

And of course, there was the show. It was... an experience. I've never been to a burlesque show before, and I'm not sure it's really my thing. But the space theme was pretty funny. For example, "Trixie and the Evil Hate Monkey" performed an act that included a re-enactment of sending the first monkey into space... plus a little stripping. The show was definitely unique.

Also, there was a cool robot guy playing bass in the band.

They also had a costume contest. Stephanie and Arthur won a prize for their Princess Leia and Han Solo costumes - pretty awesome!

Overall, definitely a fun night.

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