Tuesday, April 6, 2010

3D TV Commercial

I just saw the first commercial I've ever seen for a 3D TV. I read that they were being developed (actually, I think we even wrote about it in The Space Report 2010), but I've never actually seen a commercial for it. The kids and parents in the commercial still had to wear goofy glasses, though, which seems less than ideal.

I guess technologies marching forward - I wonder if 3D TV will be something that catches on and eventually everyone has, or if it will be one of those fads that kind of dies away. My guess is the technology needs to get quite a bit better before everyone gets it. Right now, I think 3D is often more distracting than it is cool. And the glasses definitely get old fast. (Plus, if you have kids, like in the commercial, what are the chances those glasses are going to last more than a week without getting lost and/or broken?)

(Also, it occurs to me that I may not have seen a commercial for 3D TV because I almost never watch commercials anymore - with the DVR, I always just skip right past them. Lost is the one exception - the show is constantly revealing more and more about what's happening as it gets closer to the finale, and I hate the idea of not knowing everything there is to know as soon as the info is available, so I watch it in real time.)

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