Tuesday, April 6, 2010

New York City

Two weekends ago (March 26), Jeff and I went to New York City to visit Katie and Tom. Since I have class on Friday nights (Can you believe it? Friday night class!), we didn't get in until about 2:30 in the morning.

On Saturday I did work for most of the day - basically just reading books and papers for my comprehensive exams. I think I'm addicted to the bagel place by Katie's apartment, though - their everything bagel with plain cream cheese is unbelievable.

In the evening, Katie and I went for a jog in Central Park. Actually, it started as a jog, but devolved into a walk (because jogging is really hard!). It was a really pretty jog - we went up the northernmost part of the park, where I'd never been. It's cool how the different parts of the park are so different - some have lots of trees, others are really open, and there was a big lake where we jogged.

For dinner, Jeff, Tom, Katie, and I went to Simla - the India place right on Katie's corner. The food was really good - and there was a lot of it! I realized I haven't gone out for Indian food in a really long time - it was great to have a samosa and curry that didn't come out of a box (though I still love those Trader Joe's Indian dishes!).

Sunday morning was basically a repeat of Saturday - work and a bagel. In the late afternoon, Katie and I walked to midtown and did a little shopping at H&M. They have a new spring line that's really flowery and cute, so I got a couple really nice things. I don't shop very often, so it's really fun to have some new clothes!

Jeff and I had dinner with his parents and grandparents. The food was all great, though dinner was a bit stressful in the beginning, since Duke was playing in the NCAA sweet sixteen. Jeff and his dad surreptitiously (kind of) checked the score... luckily they won.

After that we made a brief stop at Peasant Wine Bar with our friend Pooja. She just got into a graduate school near our house in DC, and we're lobbying her to go to school there (she also got in at Harvard, though, so we have a bit of a tough sell.)

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