Monday, April 19, 2010

NSS - Evenings

One of the really fun things about this conference is the collection of creative networking events in the evenings. Opening Ceremonies was on Monday, featuring the band Barrage, which was very good - they have a bunch of violins, an electric guitar, and other instruments - very unique. There were stormtroopers around for extra security.

On Tuesday, there was a casino night, which is always a lot of fun. I ended up playing Texas Hold'em, and I didn't do too bad. Playing with fake money makes it much less nerve-racking, though. :)

Wednesday was 'hospitality night,' where each company hosts a suite with some special theme. This year one suite had a rock and roll theme, and gave out feather boas and crazy sun glasses. It's really fun to chat with people in this more laid back and fun environment.

One of the evenings, Jaisha and I toured the exhibition center and spent some time chatting with this robot.

I also got a chance to meet the first Chinese Taikonaut!

Thursday there was a new event this year - the New Generation dance party (though people of all ages were invited). I thought it went really well - it was fun to end the week having everyone together in one spot, and getting the chance to dance and relax a bit.

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