Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Welcome to Minnesota

On Monday, our last full day in Minnesota, my Dad took Pol and I around to see some of small town Minnesota. We drove to Taylor's falls, and saw some of the bluffs overlooking the river.
We walked across the bridge over the St. Croix and into Wisconsin.
It's a really beautiful area - lots of pine trees, small rapids, and ice.
After Taylors Falls, we drove down the river to Stillwater. We stopped at a 50's style diner for some cheeseburgers, and then headed back to Maplewood.

During the drive, Pol talked about how crazy it seemed that you can drive your car out onto a frozen lake (for ice fishing, for example). It was too early in the winter to take the car out, but my Dad thought Pol should walk out on the lake. We went to Silver Lake, which was frozen and went for a little walk out onto the lake.
This picture is my favorite...
In the afternoon, Annette came over and we watched more "It's Always Sunny" and ordered pizza. Then we played another game of Settlers - this time getting my Dad addicted. Kelsey came over during the game, and when it was over (sorry for the wait, Kelsey) we headed over to Paul's house. We ended up playing about a million rounds of the card game P&A - it was a fun last night in Minnesota.

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