Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Football at the Metrodome

My dad coaches high school football, and his team got into the state championships this year. That meant they played the final game at the metrodome.
So we all went downtown to cheer for De La Salle. Sadly, they didn't win, but second in the state isn't too bad.
After the game, we went for lunch in Minneapolis and walked through the skyways for a while. In the evening, my dad and mom took Pol and I on a driving tour around Minneapolis and St. Paul. We saw the capital, the cathedral, the science museum, the Guthrie theater, Summit Ave., the Hill House, Nicollet mall, Rice Park, and lots of other twin cities sites.

We meant to go out to see the twin cities night life that night, but after a few busy nights in a row, I was just too tired. We stuck around home and chatted with Katie's friend Denise, who had come over to visit.

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