Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Black Friday @ Mall of America

On the biggest shopping day of the year, we decided to celebrate by visiting the biggest shopping mall in the country - Mall of America.
We actually didn't do that much shopping - we started out by having lunch at Corona Cantina, which over-looks Camp Snoopy. Katie went to Forever 21, and Pol and I went to Old Navy. They had a good deal on winter coats, and Pol helped me make decisions as I tried on about 15 different styles and sizes. (Thanks, Pol!) Then Katie and my mom stepped in to help make the final decision - I actually ended up buying two, since I couldn't decide between black and red.

Then we went to Camp Snoopy, and got unlimited ride wrist-bands (which I haven't done in years!). We went on all the roller coasters - there is one new one that has a part that's completely vertical, and it was pretty awesome.

We went on the ferris wheel, which gives a beautiful view, but which Pol insists is the scariest ride.
Pol convinced me to go on the Log Chute, even though the idea of going on a water ride inside the mall was not that appealing. Luckily I ducked down and hid, avoiding almost all water.
After quite a few hours at the mall, we headed to my brother's house. We hung out and talkled and played with his puppy, and watched a bunch of movies. We saw "Arthur", which was about a rich, drunk piano player. Then we watched "Gone, Baby, Gone" which was set in Boston and was actually a pretty interesting movie. We finished off with "Enchanted" which my sister wanted to see, since its set in New York City. Busy night!

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