Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Space Masquerade

Following our very exciting Friday, we kept our energy up for Saturday. I slept until 11am, and then went for lunch with friends at Mango - a restaurant on Diagonal close to our residence. Post-lunch I headed to the pool with a bunch of people, and ended up staying for four hours. I really do love that place!

When we finally left the pool, we had to hurry to get ready for the Space Masquerade. This is an annual ISU event for which people get dressed up in space-related costumes and have a big party. A bunch of my friends and I dressed up as the cast of Battlestar Galactica (an awesome show if you haven't seen it). I was Kara Thrace (Starbuck). Other characters included (in the order of the picture of us below): The 12th Cylcon (unknown - so in a black mask), Col. Tye, Boomer, Caprica Six, Gaius Baltar, Apollo, Starbuck, Gaeta, and Chief Tyrol. We must have done well, because we won the costume contest! Checkout my facebook album to see other costumes - which included the sun, the moon, solar wind, the Doppler Effect, Star Wars, space debris, and tons more. The party was at Cafe Noir, near Fontana, which was a cool location. We stayed out dancing in our space costumes until about 4:30am - it was a great night!

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