Sunday, August 31, 2008

Final Report Writing

The schedule for ISU August 18-23 planned for team meetings all day everyday. Essentially, we had one week to write and finalize our 110 page final report.

Each day we'd have a meeting or two, figure out our assignments, review the schedule, and then work in small teams. I was on the business and commercial team and also the editing team. A lot of the work I volunteered to do was early in the week - writing and editing for Chapter 2 (out of 5). Most of the work could be done during the day, but occasionally we'd work outside normal hours. Pol had volunteered to lead chapter 3 integration, so we spent one night staying up trying to finish all our work - I decided to take a break from chapter 2 editing at 4am, but Pol continued on with chapter 3 until 6am.

My friend, Laurent, volunteered to lead the executive summary group. His workload stayed very high through the later part of the week, so I ended up joining that team as well, and editing and working with them. Because of all the aesthetic and lay-out issues, executive summary was much more of a challenge. Unlike edits to text-only, any changes to the executive summary were difficult and lengthy to make. However, Laurent and others who knew the image-editing program spent many hours working day and night to get a really great final version.

Our final report is going to be available online and when I figure out where, I'll definitely post about it!

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