Wednesday, August 6, 2008


It occurred to me that I mostly write about things I take pictures of, and since I don't take pictures in class, I don't write about it often. So, I thought I'd say a few things...

The exam was last Monday, before we went to Madrid. Now that we're back, we got our scores. I got a 94/100, which I'm really happy about. There are lots of different areas covered in lecture, so I was happy I remembered enough about all of them.

Now the core lecture series and exam is over, so we are focusing on our departments (mine is Business and Management). We had a competition in our department to write a proposal for starting an Aerospace Interiors Industry in Catalonya - something the Catalonian government is actually interested in doing. We looked at the components of the industry and the existing design, textile, and aerospace companies in Catalonya, and then produced a roadmap and business plan. Our presentation was well-recieved, and our team ended up winning the competition.

Now our next big assignment (due tomorrow evening) is to write a proposal in response to an RFP (Request for Proposal). The RFP is for a earth-sensing satellite. We had to come up with a techincal design, make up a company, and then write all organization and management documents about our company to propose our technical and business plan. We turn in our document tomorrow and present on Friday. My team is pretty well organized, and everyone's very intelligent and reliable, so I think we're doing really well.

Other than that, we also have our team project to work on. I'm on the Spaceports team and on the business and commercial sub-team. We'll look at the market analysis for commercial spaceflight, and do some analysis of possible tourism tie-ins. We only have a few more weeks to complete a 100-pg report.

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Sounds like you have been doing more than just having fun...Very interesting &exciting for you....keep up the good work. Mame