Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Culture Night 5

Last Friday was a busy day. After classes, Stephanie and I headed up to Esports UB - a gym about 2 km down the road from us - to join and take advantage of the deal our program had worked out for us. The gym has a huge outdoor pool with lap-swimming, so I've decided to make that my new work out plan. I've been everyday since we joined on Friday.As the title shows, Friday was the fifth culture night. This week featured France, Italy, Norway, and the Netherlands. Jeff's old roommates - Victor and Alberto, came to join us and watch the presentations, which was really nice. The French presentation was funny, described aspects of France for all five senses, and included singing and dancing. The Italian presentation was also pretty good, and they had a funny Family Guy clip where Peter speaks Italian. Hilarious.Unfortunately, the room the event was in was not well ventilated, and it got extremely hot, so Victor, Alberto, Stephanie, and I took a break from culture night and grabbed a drink at one of the nearby bars with outdoor seating. We ran into some of the French guys outside, and had a very nice multi-cultural (Spain, France, USA) discussion, so we had some cultural learning anyway.

After the cultural night presentations were over, everyone moved to another room for French wine and Italian Limoncello. The Limoncello turned out to be the Achilles heal of the ISU group - deceptively sweet and candy-like, it definitely played a part in the rising noise and craziness level in the room.

Around 1am, a group of us headed out for dancing downtown at Les Enfants, near La Rambla. We had another very Spanish evening of dancing all night. We headed home around 5:30am (while the club was still busy), but ended up staying up chatting and eating cookies in Stephanie's room until 7:30am. I think we're starting to get used to the Spanish timeline.

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