Friday, July 25, 2008

Sushi Night!

On Tuesday, I went to Jeff´s house after classes. We hung out on his terrace, and I tried to study (though this seems to be the most sure-fire way for me to fall asleep...). For dinner, we decided to have sushi at a place Victor recommended. The restaurant was just around the corner - literally two blocks from Jeff´s house, but we´d never seen it before. It was called Kin Sushi Bar, and was really great. We had California rolls, Yaki soba noodles, tempura rolls, and 7 pieces of sushi. You don´t even order the type of sushi - they just give you whatever is the most fresh. We brought the food home and ate on the terrace. I tried a bit of everything - including the octapus. I think the California rolls and the salmon sushi was my favorite.

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