Monday, July 21, 2008

Jeff and Mariel Sunday

On Sunday, Jeff and I basically hung out and spent the day together. We relaxed a lot during the hot hours in the middle of the day - I finished reading my book, and Jeff played on his computer. As it started to cool down outside we decided to head out.

Our first stop was a little park on the hill behind my residence. It has a labyrinth in it that we wanted to check out. Pretty cool.We went to Park Guell. Jeff hadn't been there, and my last trip there (with Monica and Priya) had been cut short by an upset stomach. We explored the whole park and hiked up to the top for some great views.
After seeing the park, we walked to the Fontana neighborhood and found a street with tons of Middle Eastern food - there were many Lebanese restaurants, but others as well - Jeff and I ate at a Syrian restaurant. The food was great - we were able to get tapas sizes, so we had hummus, olive leave wraps, mouseleh, and potato arayes (like a Middle Eastern potato crepe). The waiter also talked us into having some mint tea and amazing desserts - two pasteries - one with almonds and honey and the other with pistacios. Yum.

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