Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Canada Day!

Today was July 1st - Canada Day!

Before starting the celebration, I went out to dinner - tapas and cava (champagne) with Dr. Logsdon, Stephanie, Eric, Jaisha, Emma, and Jeff. We ate around 9pm, which I've come to think of as a somewhat early time to eat dinner. I guest I'm adjusting quickly. The restaurant was La Vinya del Senyor, and is famous for having good food and wine. It's a pretty small place, located in the gothic district and has a cute terrace dining area in a little square.
After that it was time to get into the Canada Day spirit. The Canadian contingent of the ISU planned a get together at the IceBarcelona bar next to the beach. Part of the bar is outside - you can walk onto the patio right off the sand of the beach, and the other part is inside what's essentially a refrigerator - everything is made of ice and the temperature is below zero Celsius (below 32 Fahrenheit). You get a big jacket and hat to where when you go in. It was lots of fun!

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Anonymous said...

You are lucky Mariel... I wish my Canada day party had an ice house! in other news, I was inspired to get a ping-pong table thanks to your timely reminiscing!