Monday, June 23, 2008

Minnesota Visiting

While I was in Minnesota, in addition to driving around the midwest, detouring to San Francisco, and trying to get work done, I was able to see some of my friends and family. I spent a few nights at my brother's house, built a patio with my Dad (ok, ok, burnt excess firewood while he built a patio... but we were both in the back yard), drove from Omaha to Minneapolis with my mom, and had dinner with my Grandma John. My other grandparents, Mamie and Grandpa, live in Texas, but luckily for me, they were visiting Minnesota the same time I was (I don't think this was entirely coincidence) and were staying at my house. It was great to be able to see them, especially since as a kid I used to spend tons of time at their house. Mamie even baked me my favorite cookies - Million Dollar Cookies (they've got a such a great name). Hopefully Jeff and I will be able to visit Mamie and Grandpa in Texas next fall. Even though it was almost three weeks, I felt like the time flew by. Trips home always go by much too quickly, and I never get to see people as much as I would like, but it is great to get see people and catch up at least a bit.

I'm getting good practice at trying to sum up the major (or at least entertaining) events that have happened in the last six months, which is important for conversations with people I haven't seen since Christmas. It turns out a lot can happen in that time, which I discovered when I found out one of my good friends (who I saw at Christmas and who was unaware then) is going to be having twins (boys!) in September.

Some of the friend visits included: a nice martini night with Annette and Kelsey, a few nights out in Minneapolis with Paul, Mike, Zach, and Doug, a lunch at Good Earth with Rachel, and drinks and dinner with Annette and her mom.

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