Monday, June 23, 2008


My sister came into town on one of the last days I was in Minnesota, and since she was there to provide guidance, I decided it was a perfect time to get a haircut. Here are the results:
Bangs are pretty different for me - can't quite remember the last time I had them. When I wear sunglasses, I feel like I'm in a disguise. My sister tells me that they're very "in" right now, though, so that's good. (Although, shortly after I got them she told me that she had wanted to get bangs, but was nervous about it, and had decided to wait and see how they turned out on me...)

My sister (who is supposed to be the cool one!) has suddenly become obsessed with the game "Settlers of Catan," which she is apparently awesome at (she keeps playing with a bunch of MIT kids out and Boston and beating them). My mom hadn't heard of it, so we went and bought it and played a game. Yep, my whole family is very coooool. :)

Also, my brother is out of town, so the puppy is at our house. And it is still adorable.

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Anonymous said...

oooh, nice haircut!

I've never gotten into Settlers...maybe your sister will have to teach me!