Thursday, June 26, 2008

I live in Spain now!

Yesterday Jeff and I began our summer-living-in-Spain adventure. We arrived mid-day, adventurously (and cheaply) chose to take the train and metro into town to find Jeff's new apartment.
He's living in a fairly central part of town (near the Hospital Clinic metro). He shares the apartment with two Spanish roommates, Victor and Alberto, who both grew up in Barcelona. It's great, because Jeff will have a chance to practice his Spanish, and we're learning a lot the city. The apartment itself is pretty nice, and has an amazing balcony/terrace. There is lots of room to sit outside at a table and study, hang-dry laundry, or take a dip in the kiddie pool.
Yesterday we were pretty tired, so we moved in, saw a bit of the neighborhood, took a nap (which I've learned is definitely not the way to prevent jet lag), and then spent the evening watching the Germany-Turkey game in the EuroCup (Soccer). Tonight Spain is playing Russia, and we're all going to watch that together too. Although actually, Barcelona is in Catalonia, so people here are slightly less excited and passionate about the Spanish team than they might be elsewhere in Spain.

We spent the day today walking from Jeff's apartment down to La Rambla and to the water. Along the way we saw banners for ISU. See, it is real! La Rambla is a nice, touristy part of the city, with lots of little shops and scenery. We had some great juice that we bought at a market, and shared some paella at a small restaurant. Now we're going to relax for a few hours before the game.

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