Monday, July 4, 2011

Honeymoon Day 27 – June, 27, 2011 – Napa, CA

We started our day off nice and slow, with breakfast in bed, and reading through the news.

Eventually, we decided to head out. Breakfast had been so big that we weren’t really hungry for lunch. After a little walk around town, we went to “Bounty Hunter,” a wine bar and barbeque place.  We used a couple of our free tasting coupons, and ordered their taster platter to share. The barbeque was really good, and so was the wine. I had a Pursuit Pinot Noir, which I really enjoyed.

After our wine, we continued our little walking tour of town, before heading back to our hotel to make reservations at the spa. We also grabbed some coffee and spent some time relaxing near the river.

We had dinner at Angele that night, which is in the same building complex as our hotel. It’s a well-reviewed French restaurant with really nice patio seating. We enjoyed their cheese plate, and then I ordered the off-the-menu burger, which was very good, and Jeff had their vegetable risotto, which is one of the better risottos I’ve had – with a strong herb taste, and not too salty. We had their shortbread for dessert, and that may have been my favorite dish overall. It came with strawberries and ice cream, and was a great end to the meal.

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