Monday, July 4, 2011

Honeymoon Day 26 – June 26, 2011 – Los Gatos, CA to Napa, CA

The day after the wedding, the whole wedding crew got up early to get the house straightened and ready for guests. Janet’s relatives came over and brought a huge collection of Dim Sum foods.

When it was time to eat, we all loaded up our plates with the different items (conveniently labeled in English). About 20 minutes into the meal, when everyone was too full to take another bite, we agreed that it was the most and the quickest any of us had ever eaten dim sum. Usually you’re waiting for a good cart to come around and trading off with other people at the table to get a piece of something, and it takes a long time to get through the whole meal. This time, you just took everything you wanted right away, and you got to eat everything you picked, and so we all discovered that our eyes were bigger than our stomachs. The food was great, though.

The brunch went until 3pm, but Jeff and I didn’t manage to leave until about 4:30pm – it was hard to go when there were so many fun people still around that we don’t see often. Also, a picnic table on a deck on a beautiful, sunny day, looking out over the mountains, is a pretty hard thing to walk away from.

Eventually we did, go, though. John gave us a ride to our zipcar, which happened to be only a couple blocks from his house (complete coincidence!). From there we drove (well, Jeff drove and I slept) to Napa and checked into our hotel.

We stayed at the Napa River Inn in downtown Napa. It’s a historic hotel, located in a building that used to be a mill. Jeff and I stayed in a room that had been a roller-skating rink at one time. Everything was really beautiful, and it had a nice fireplace with cushy chairs nearby. I could have used a bit more natural light than our one little window allowed, but I guess you have to make some concessions if you stay in a historic location.

We had ordered the hotel through, and it included not only the room, but also one $150 spa gift certificate for each night we stayed, gourmet breakfast in bed each morning, and a complimentary wine tasting each afternoon. And the first night we were there they sent up a bottle of wine with a card congratulating us on our honeymoon.

There’s lots of good food and wine in Napa, of course, but the night we got there, we were really ready for a night in with just the two of us, so we ordered Dominoes, and laid back to watch another Bond movie. This time we decided to start from the beginning, so we put on “Dr. No.”

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