Sunday, July 3, 2011

Honeymoon Day 17 – June 17 – Istanbul, Turkey

Breadkfast on the patio at our hotel has become a ‘do not miss’ for Jeff and me, even though we do like to sleep in. The food and the view are both worth waking up for.

We only had a half-day today, so after breakfast, we went on the ten minute walk up to Topkapi Palace and did some sightseeing there. It was really beautiful, with lots of intricate architectural design and cool tiles. We saw a bunch of amazing jewel-encrusted thrones, pitchers, boxes, and other items in the treasury, and looked at religious relics displayed in other rooms.

We would have loved to spend even more time at the palace (an hour and a half was definitely not enough!), but we had to rush to have one last snack of Turkish food (kebabs and babaganoush) before making our way back to the airport!

The whole afternoon and evening we enjoyed flying on Emirate Airlines on the long trip from Istanbul to Bangkok. Their website says that they’re ‘fluent in luxury,’ and that seems pretty accurate. There are a million movies, the food is definitely a step up from the average airplane meal, wine is free, and the staff have never-ending smiles. Tomorrow we wake up in Bangkok!

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