Monday, April 25, 2011

Wedding Odds and Ends

On Sunday, we did a lot of wedding-related shopping (at the Mall of America!) and generally figured out some of the various things that still need to be done.

Bridesmaid Shoes: We found shoes for the bridesmaids, though this was a bit more of a event than I had expected. A month ago, Katie and I found some really cute Anne Klein shoes we liked, but they were just too expensive, and the whole time I kept an eye on them, they never went on sale more than 10%. So then we found some other shoes at Payless which were cute, but not as nice, and had a higher heel. I emailed the girls about the shoes at Payless and some went and tried them on. Then, just before I was going to order them, the Anne Klein ones went on an amazing sale! So then I had to buy them really quickly (I was actually in class) before the sale was over or they sold out. The website I was buying from (Anne Klein) actually did sell out of size 7's, but I was able to find a similar sale at Lord and Taylor and they had 2 size 7's left. Yay!

I also found shoes for myself - they're yellow high heels that I found at Macy's - very cute! I bought a few different potential pairs of earrings, too. I figured I'll try it all on with my dress and see how it looks.

I also talked to Mamie about the plans for the favors - she's going to make a whole bunch of cookies and we'll package up two for each person. We decided to make "Million Dollar Cookies," which were my favorite kind of cookie when I was little - they are really good!

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