Monday, April 25, 2011

27th Annual National Space Symposium

The week before last I was in Colorado Springs, Colorado for the 27th Annual National Space Symposium. It's the annual conference that the company I work for puts on. It's one of the biggest space conferences of the year, and it's a lot of fun - it's often referred to jokingly as "Space Spring Break." 

During the day there are a bunch of really high-level speakers, and one of my primary jobs while at Symposium is to sit in the sessions and take notes - starting last year, we've used twitter to make these notes available immediately. 

In the evenings there are lots of activities - opening ceremonies, a casino night, hospitality night (where there are a bunch of themed events in different rooms), and a dance party. I'm always telling Jeff about the conference, so this year he decided to come along. 

And we stayed at the Cheyenne Mountain Resort, which was a beautiful and scenic place for Jeff to do work during the day. He also did some work at the Broadmore, where the conference is - which is a pretty scenic spot, too!

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