Monday, April 25, 2011

Minnesota Bachelorette Party!

After the bridal shower, I had the chance to get together with a few of my girl friends in Minnesota for a relaxed girls-night bachelorette party. Annette, Naomi, Katie, and I started out by chatting and baking cookies at my parents' house. They turned out really cute!

For dinner, we headed out to Buca's and ordered way more food than we needed (especially given the appetizer of cookies!) Buca's also had really fun cocktails!

Then it was back home for some champagne, cookies, and more chatting! It was so fun to have so much time to just talk and catch up, since I don't see Annette and Naomi (or Katie, even) nearly as much as I'd like!

And we figured out how to set up my camera to take multiple shots in a row - do-it-yourself photo booth!

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