Monday, April 25, 2011

Minnesota Bridal Shower!

Another one of the really fun things I got to do was go to a bridal shower with all of my friends and family in Minnesota. Katie and my Mom organized things, but a lot of people helped out, which was really sweet - Mamie and Emily both made lunch salads, Grandma John and Kathy made desserts, Cindy and Mary planned games, and I'm sure there was more I didn't know about.

The shower was at Mamie's new condo building, in the party room, which was really nice! We had a bunch of different kinds of salads for lunch, and some amazing desserts.

We played a game where you earned points depending on whether you had particular items in your purse (I was a runner-up), and we played the game where each team designed a wedding dress out of toilet paper and crepe paper.

And of course we played the dice game - which is a family favorite, and really is fun. Everybody gets a prize, and because of the stealing round, people are more likely to get something they actually want.

I also got a number of really nice and thoughtful gifts! Mostly people had them shipped to my house and then included a picture in the card. (It was super exciting to get the big stack of boxes when Jeff and I got home from our trip!) My Aunt Toni gave me a print of a painting that she had done!

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