Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Welcome Home, Mr. President!

This afternoon, Jeff and I got to go to the White House to watch the landing of Marine 1 (the President's helicopter). We met up with our friend, Phil, who had invited us, and then got badged in.

We walked around the north side of the White House and then went through a passage-way to the south lawn. (That's the big open area that you see when you look at the White House from the National Mall.)

We walked right past the Rose Garden, which is the place the windows of the Oval Office look out on. We stood at the edge of the South Lawn and waited.

When the president is flying in, there are actually three helicopters that come by - two are just decoys - they come nearby like they might land, but they don't. Then the president's helicopter (Marine 1) comes onto the South Lawn and lands right there in front of you.

It's pretty loud, and the wind generated from the blades is really strong.

Once it was landed, the door opens and a Marine comes out, and soon after the President comes out. It was pretty cool - President Obama and Michelle Obama walked from the helicopter, past the group of us standing there, and into the White House. They waved and smiled. It was pretty cool!

Shortly after they went inside, Marine One took off again.

Jeff took a video of the whole thing!

Here's the video!

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