Friday, September 3, 2010

Something old... Something borrowed...

I haven't really started looking for dresses yet, but I found out that my mom saved her wedding dress, and had the box at home. So, we opened it up, and I tried on a wedding dress for the first time in my life. I'm not sure yet whether I'll actually be able to wear my mom's dress - I need to get a little smaller, and/or the dress a little bigger, and I'll probably want to make a few changes (don't think I need the neckline to actually go to my neck), but it could be really awesome to wear my mom's wedding dress. Here are a couple initial photos of what I look like in the dress, and some photos from my mom's wedding, so you know what its actually supposed to look like.

Another cute little story... my mom tells me that when I was little, she and I were walking through a mall/ department store and I saw a woman trying on a wedding dress, and in an awed, whisper-y voice (with my little kid lisp), I said: "Mooooom, that gowl looks like an angel!" (Apparently the woman overheard me, and seemed pretty happy.)

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