Friday, September 3, 2010

Engagement Party

Jeff and I got engaged while we were on our cruise, when it was just us - and we had an amazing week to celebrate with just the two of us. When we got back to DC, we were really excited to celebrate with all of our friends, so we planned an informal engagement party at our place.

It was also my good friend, Stephanie's, birthday weekend (her actually Bday was on Thursday), so a bunch of us went for dinner before the party. She picked Birch & Barley - a restaurant really close to my house. It's a really nice restaurant, with a huge beer list that includes tasting sizes, so you can easily pair a glass of beer with each course. The food was really good - Jeff and I shared flat bread and the brat burger. (And speaking of bread, the bread that comes to the table early was sooo good - it included corn bread, pretzel-like bread, and an olive bread - yum!) The only problem was the service - everything seemed to take a long time, and I didn't even both to order more than one tasting-size of beer, because I couldn't seem to get the attention of the waitress, and she never really asked. In any case, we had a great time at dinner.

After dinner, we walked over to our place. Jeff mixed a bunch of champagne cocktails, which we thought would be a cute signature drink for an engagement party. It was really fun to see all our friends, tell them the story of the engagement, and flip through wedding magazines with the girls!

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