Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Jeff and I did make it back to DC yesterday around 1pm. We were lucky to get in, because the snowstorm over the weekend had caused lots of flights to be canceled, and an incoming snowstorm had already caused the flight right after ours to be canceled.

One thing that happens in DC, even though roads are cleared within a couple days, is that people go crazy and stock up on food (like overflowing grocery carts, canned foods, and gallons of water) and all sorts of things. When Jeff tried to get bananas from Whole Foods last Thursday at 7pm (the night before the first storm started), he was told that so many people were already inside Whole Foods that it was a safety hazard, and they were only letting people out for the rest to the night - no more people could enter.

When we landed in DC yesterday, we overheard a woman on the plane talking on her cell phone say this: "Yeah, I know the grocery stores are crazy... just get as much of everything as you can."

I think that mentality pretty much explains what everyone is doing at the store... and why the storm is being called 'Snowpocalypse'.

When we got here, we saw what all the fuss was about. (These pictures were taken almost 48 hours after the snow had stopped falling from the first storm.)

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