Wednesday, February 3, 2010

NASA Budget: How does this affect me?

Another interesting thing about looking through the news following the release of the NASA Budget is the number of news stories that have popped up looking at how the budget plan affects each individual state, center, group, or town. Of course there are still the big national stories - What's happening? Is this good for America? etc. It makes sense that people want to know how they're affected, and it's very interesting to read through and get a sense of how various communities are feeling about the changes. (I linked a bunch of stories here as examples, but there are lots more I'm sure I missed.)

Will NASA ever return to the moon? (CNN) February 2, 2010, By John D. Sutter
Budget Cuts Launch Debate on NASA's Future (PBS News Hour) February 2, 2010

FLORIDA - Kennedy Space Center
Cabana: NASA Budget 'Good For KSC' (Central Florida News 13) February 3, 2010, By Greg Pallone
Florida feels heat of NASA cutbacks (Miami Herald) February 2, 2010, By Kris Hundley and Alex Leary

TEXAS - Johnson Space Center
NASA budget creates uncertainty in Clear Lake (Houston Chronicle) February 3, 2010, By Eric Berger and Stewart M. Powell

Obama's budget boosts NASA Ames (Mountain View Voice) February 2, 2010, By Daniel DeBolt

CALIFORNIA (SOUTHERN) - NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL)
JPL could be `major player' in NASA's new approach to human spaceflight (Pasadena Star News) February 2, 2010, By Emma Gallegos

ALABAMA - Marshall Space Flight Center
Where does NASA and Marshall Space Flight Center go from here? (WAFF News) February 2, 2010, By Eric Sollman

OHIO - Glenn Research Center
NASA Glenn workers perplexed by Obama's bid to scrap moon mission (Cleveland Plain Dealer) Febaruary 2, 2010, By Tom Breckenridge

MISSISSIPPI - Stennis Space Center
Stennis test stand work will continue (Biloxi Sun Herald) February 2, 2010, By Donna Melton

Budget impacts Lockheed Martin (Denver Daily News) February 3, 2010, By Peter Marcus

Mission correction (Boston Globe) February 8, 2010, By Carolyn Y. Johnson

VIRGINIA - Wallops Island/Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport
A new vision for NASA's future (Delmarva Now) February 8, 2010

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