Thursday, January 7, 2010

San Antonio

On our last full day in Texas, we went on a day trip to San Antonio. We started the day by seeing the Alamo, which was interesting, and about like I remembered it from my visit in 5th grade. Although, when I went then I watched a much sadder movie about it, which we didn't see this time.
From the Alamo, it was a quick walk to the River Walk, which is actually a really pretty area. We had lunch at a Mexican restaurant right on the river and then attempted to walk in a little loop, but somehow kept hitting dead-ends.
On the way home we stopped at Dry Comal Creek Vineyard to do a wine tasting. Apparently Texas wine country is near Austin, so there were a bunch of vineyards we could have visited. Neera had never done a wine tasting, so we thought it'd be worth a try. The owner of the vineyard actually ended up pouring for our tasting, which was pretty cool. There are about 15 wines included in the tasting - it was a good thing we decided to share instead of each getting our own tasting.
As it was, we were pretty ready for a nap by the time it was all over.
For our last night dinner, we got dressed up and went to a semi-fancy restaurant near our condo. The food was really very good, except for the risotto, which was a bit salty, but that didn't seem so bad when the waiter brought us free cookies to make up for it.
Overall, the weekend was a lot of fun. As always, it was great to see Neera and Janet, and this time Shreyas and Dan. They're all really interesting and intelligent people and just really great to be around.

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