Thursday, January 7, 2010

Fourth Annual Girl's Trip (+Boys)

Every year I plan a trip to get together with two of my good friends from college - Neera and Janet - because we live in completely different parts of the country, and if we didn't plan a trip, we'd probably never all be in the same place. This year (our 4th get together), we decided to bring along our significant others, so that the guys could meet each other and we could spend some time making sure everybody really gets to know each other.

Based on lots of email discussions, analysis of flight prices, and randomness, we decided to get together for a New Year's Eve long-weekend in Austin, Texas. We rented a fairly big condo downtown, which was really nice, because we could cook food in the kitchen and have a living room to hang out in together. Plus its much cheaper than getting multiple hotel rooms. (In general, it's a great travel tip - almost every city offers rentals, and they're usually a lot cheaper than hotels - especially for longer stays or larger groups.)
We all got in on Wed. Dec. 30th, met up at the airport, rented a van, and found our condo. Despite some initial trepidation about actually finding the keys, entry, etc., everything went pretty smoothly.

By the time we got in we were all starving, so we went on a walk to find food. We came across a place called Manuels on South Congress Street, which had great Mexican food. After dinner, we did a little walking tour of 6th Street - which is a major night-life area in Austin. Austin is the 'Live Music Capital of the World' so it was fun to walk along and hear the different bands playing in each place.

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