Saturday, June 13, 2009

Normal Week

I had a pretty standard week last week. Main daytime activities were going to Jeff's class and going in to work. It's been really rainy in DC (like record-setting, flash-flooding kind of rainy) which has put a damper on activities.

However, we did make it out to what we hope will become a weekly happy hour with friends on Tuesdays. Now that we don't see each other in classes all the time, we have to be a bit more pro-active in planning. :) (And thanks to Stephanie, who took the initiative to set it up in the first place!)

Jeff and I watched a movie at home - Hancock (starring Will Smith) which was cute and entertaining, as most Will Smith movies are. They didn't go into the logic or mythology to really explain how Will Smith had become a super hero or why he has a pair, but they did a lot of super-hero-y things, and were funny, so whatever.

Also, I don't think I mentioned yet, but the newest season of "So You Think You Can Dance" has started. I love that show (as anyone that's brought it up near me, or been near me when something reminds me of it, could tell you). So, check it out.

In other TV news, Jeff and I finally finished watching The West Wing. We started on the series about three years ago, and have been watching episodes whenever we get a chance since then. (Though no marathons, like my Four-Seasons-of-the-Wire-in-Two-Weeks activity earlier this year.) It's a good show, and (though it probably reflects poorly on the quality of my North High civics class) taught me a lot about what different people work in the White House and how various government processes work. (Not that I'm taking the West Wing to be truth on how the political system works, but still...)

So, that's it. Now time for weekend fun.

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