Monday, June 8, 2009

Productive Weekend

On Friday, we went to Jeff's parents' house in Baltimore to sort through our things. When we moved to DC two years ago, we stored a few boxes worth of things in his parents' basement. Then, over the past two years, we've swapping things out - deciding we wanted to take some things out of the boxes, and add a few new things to the pile. This eventually created a sprawling, disorganized, Mariel and Jeff pile-of-stuff taking up a rather large area of the basement.

We armed ourselves with some plastic storage bins from Target and a ruthless willingness to get rid of things we didn't need (or had forgotten we owned in the first place), and spent the day organizing. It's actually kind of fun to go through all your old things, and rewarding to see the organized shelves of boxes left in the basement at the end. (We also took a break to have a great Japanese dinner with Jeff's Mom, which was very nice.)

On Saturday, after an early-morning trip to the Good Will, we headed to downtown Baltimore to help our friends Tim and Rachel move. They only needed to go from the first floor of their apartment building to their new place on the forth floor, and they had lots of friends that had come to help, so it went very quickly.

Back in DC that evening, we took a 3-hour nap to re-charge (not exactly what we planned - we were kind of surprised to find it was already 8pm when we woke up.) Then we met up with Emma and Beth and saw "The Hangover," which was fun. The movie is about what you'd expect from the commercials - ridiculous, crass, and silly, not too much depth to it. Still fun to watch.

Jeff and I spent Sunday getting ready for the week to start again - lounging around the house, checking email, etc. I worked on the problem set for Jeff's Game Theory class, which I've been sitting in on. I was able to finish pretty much all of it, and was excited to feel my calculus and algebra skills coming back.

In the evening we went to Meridian Hill Park, which is just north of U St, but neither Jeff nor I had ever been there. It's a really beautiful park. There's a drum circle on Sunday evenings, and the park gets crowded with people - there are picnics, people tight-rope walking, drumming, dancing, and just hanging out. We met up with Jeff's cousin, Sarah, chatted for a while, and then headed to dinner on 17th St. on the way home. Overall, a very nice weekend.

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