Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Japan Trip - Day 9 - Tokyo

Sunday, June 28th was our last day in Japan. Our flight wasn't until 4pm, so we decided to do just a little more sight seeing that morning.

We got our last metro cards - by this time we were pros at riding the Tokyo metro. :)

Our destination for the day was Harajuku. This is where the Meiji Shrine is, in Jingu-gaien Gardens.

This was a some-what difficult to interpret sign at the entrance to the park. It looks like being haunted is on notice...

Outside the gardens there were lots of shops, including the flag-ship stores for a number of companies, from Forever 21 to Prada. However, not much was open since it was early in the day.

Harajuku is also where Tokyo sub-culture "cosplay" gang comes on Sundays. (Cosplay stands for "Costume Play" - they're teens that dress up in crazy costumes and hang out in the park where tourists take their picture.) I think it was too early for most of the crowd, but we saw one or two.

Before long, it was time to head back to the hotel and back to the airport! This time, the flight lasted 12 hours, but we landed before we took off! (Take-off: 4pm on Sunday, Landing: 1pm on Sunday) It was definitely an amazing trip!!!

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