Monday, June 29, 2009

Japan Trip - Day 4 - Kyoto

After spending a few great days in Nagasaki, and learning a lot about Japan from Drew and Kiyoko, it was time to head off on our own - this time to Kyoto.

In the morning, we had one last traditional breakfast, thanks to Kiyoko.

She then took us to the train station and road along with us to Nagasaki Station, where we would catch our train to Kyoto. We were sad to say good-bye - especially Mamie and Kiyoko, who had gotten along really well and become friends. Kiyoko came on the train once to get a final picture together, and then we'd thought she'd left the station, but she came back a few minutes before we left with coke for my mom and coffee for Mamie and me - so thoughtful! We waved as our train pulled out of the station.

Again, we had a couple of train changes. Mamie took advantage of the time to get another beverage from one of the millions of vending machines. They really are all over - not just the stations, but on many street corners as well.

We got to Kyoto around3pm, and decided to get lunch before going to the hotel. The station is huge, and like Nagasaki, is connected to a mall. There was one floor dedicated to Ramen shops, so we went there. After lunch, we had some green tea ice cream, and enjoyed the view from the 16th floor terrace. These school kids stopped us to get a photo.

We were staying at the Westin Miyako Hotel Kyoto, where we got upgraded to a ridiculously large room. It had multiple rooms, and included a board table.

It was actually possible to be in the hotel room and not be able to find the other two people.

And it had an incredible view.

Since it was getting late, we just finished off the evening with a short walk down Ponto-cho, a small street with restaurants and bars.

Then we went back and relaxed in our matching Westin Hotel bath robes and slippers. :)

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Drew said...

Wow, what an amazing room!!