Wednesday, May 5, 2010


There aren't many bands that I really, really like, but Weezer is one of them. The University of Maryland organized a concert on campus with tickets only $5 for students - pretty incredible. So, Jeff and I went.

First, Ben Folds Five performed.

And then Weezer went on. If you haven't listened to them before, definitely look them up!

After the concert, Jeff and I went with our friends Kris and Emma (actually, they're the ones who had told us about the concert in the first place) to Columbia Heights. Jeff's cousin, Sarah, is moving away from DC to go to law school in Portland, and was having a going away party at Wonderland Ballroom (a little neighborhood bar). Unfortunately, it was kind of busy, so we couldn't get out to the patio where she was. Instead, we headed over to 'Social' to have some late night dinner. The garlic fries, pork sliders, chicken wings, and shrimp were all very good - and not too expensive!

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Drew said...

Wow, so lucky!