Monday, May 10, 2010

Bowling at the White House

Jeff and I have a couple friends who are working at the White House, and they recently discovered that they're able to reserve the White House bowling alley. They graciously invited us and a collection of other friends to go bowling last Saturday.

The whole experience was pretty cool - it's definitely the first time I've had to have a background check in order to go bowling. :)

When we got there, we went through two security checks before getting into the building. The bowling alley is beneath the Executive Office Building, which is just to the side of the West Wing. We went in and went down stairs to find the room. The basement was really crazy - all pipes and exposed wires.

The bowling alley is small - just two lanes, but very cool. Since there were about 15 of us, we decided not to keep score, and instead everyone just bowled whenever there was an open spot.

There is a snack room connected to the bowling alley, so we brought chips, beer, and other snacks.

It was a really fun and really unique way to spend a Saturday afternoon!

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