Saturday, August 1, 2009

Emily's Wedding Shower

On Sunday was Emily's Wedding Shower for our side of the family - the John family, the Harris family, and my parents' friends. My sister and I were in charge of planning it. This is the first time I've even been to a wedding shower, let alone planned one. I had my Mom and Grandma's giving input along the way, which helped me avoid all the wedding-shower-faux pas. (It really is incredible how many rules there are!)

It went really well, though. We got lucky on the weather (again!) and it was sunny and beautiful, but not too hot, so we had the shower in the backyard on the patio. My parents had put in a bunch of flowers, so it was beautiful.

We played four games: the Dice Game, Create the Veil, Purse Power, and Dress Guess

The Dice Game is the main game for prizes, which is always fun. You pass a pair of dice around the circle, and every time someone roles doubles, they get to pick a prize out of the middle. (There are more prizes than people, and all prizes are wrapped.) Once all the prizes have been taken, they are opened, and the dice are passed around two more times - this time if doubles are rolled, the person gets to steal a prize from someone else.

For Create the Veil we broke into four teams, and each team had a collection of art supplies. They each got 15 minutes to create a veil. Then we had Emily try them all on and decide which she liked the best. They were all pretty awesome.

The last one was Purse Power. The game is like a scavenger hunt, but in your own purse. There is a score sheet, and each team gets a certain number of points for each of the items on the score sheet they have in their purse - lipstick, mirror, stamps, pictures etc. There was a bonus 15 points for the team with the oddest item, which in this case was a collection of girl-scout badges.

Dress Guess was played through-out the shower, sort of. There are slips of paper and a bowl, and people just need to guess how many times Emily has tried on her wedding dress. At the end of the shower I went through and figured out who the winner was. The guesses varied from zero to 44, and included one guess of 22 and 1/2. The correct guess was 5 - two people got it right!

There was a ton of food at the shower - thanks to Mamie, who made lots of cookies and cute finger sandwiches in the shape of bells and hearts. And also thanks to Aunt Kathy and my Grandma John who brought lots of delicious things as well - sandwiches, roll-ups, desserts, etc. There were lots of leftovers, which made the boys very happy.

The last activity was the gift-opening, which we paired together with advice-giving. Each guest could give Emily some words of wisdom as she opened her gift. It was really cute, and a fun chance for each person to have something to say.

Overall the shower went really well! Yay!

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