Saturday, August 1, 2009

Emily's Bachelorette Party

Emily's bachelorette party was on Saturday. It started in the early afternoon, when we headed out on Lake Minnetonka. The weather was great - warm and sunny.

Emily was all decked out - thanks to the artsy preparations of her cousin Tanya.

The captain on our boat was a little peculiar.

There was a lot of hanging around on the boat, cruising along the lake and chatting and having drinks. (We had designated boat-drivers, of course.)

We stopped occasionally at bars that have docks, which was really fun.

We also made a stop at an island where lots of boats all dock to swim and hang out.

Eventually we made out way back to Emily's for a BBQ, a few games, and a slumber party at her place. It was a great night - and really fun to meet Emily's friends the other girls that will be in the wedding!

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