Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentines Day in France (and Germany)

Jeff and I arrived in Europe today. We flew into Frankfurt, bought train tickets for later that day, and then met up with our friend Diana.
We wandered Frankfurt a bit - it was chilly, but also sunny, so everything was very pretty. The three of us went for lunch, and I had an amazing combination of potato soup and mint tea that was perfect for getting warmed up.

In the afternoon we caught a train to Strasbourg, which allowed us to have a quick power-nap.

Our friends met us in the train station in Strasbourg, and helped us find the apartment where we'd be staying (which belongs to some other friends who happen to be out of town at the moment). We hung out, ate candy hearts, and they helped us navigate the French and German languages to figure out how to get to the airport tomorrow. (We fly to Barcelona in the morning.)

Now Jeff and I are hanging out alone in the apartment, eating sandwiches from the grocery store and cooking a frozen pizza. A bit jet lagged, but having a very nice Valentine's Day.

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Drew said...

Hey, I remember her!