Thursday, February 26, 2009

Another World

The trip to Europe was really great, and also very different from other trips I’d taken. It was one of my first international trips for a conference, and it involved moving almost every day and visiting people I hadn’t seen in years. The conference was really cool and interesting, I love seeing new places, and it was amazing to meet with old friends. It was a very fast paced trip, without much time built in for just lounging around and sightseeing. I’m not sure I would do anything differently if I did it again – but I wish I had more time!

Another interesting aspect of this trip was that it felt like a completely different world. I didn’t have time to check or read email, I didn’t do normal school work or work-work. I was with all different people, but still people I was friends with, and I had different responsibilities than I do at home. It’s interesting how much if felt like a completely different environment, even though it was just a week. And now I’m back home and within days, back to my normal schedule of classes, work, and (local) travel.

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