Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I <3 my G1

After years of sporting a pink razr, I went out to the T-Mobile store and got myself a fancy new G1 phone.

Since it's a google phone, it's really well integrated with all the google applications - gmail, google maps, etc. All my contacts on my phone are the same as my gmail contacts - convenient because all my data stays synced together.

It's my first 'smart phone' - able to get email, GPS, maps, and internet in addition to all the normal phone capabilities. And it's on the 3G network, so the internet is pretty fast.

Now, when someone asks a question, like "What was John Updike's last book?", instead of shrugging, I can pull out my phone and within seconds, answer "The Widows of Eastwick." (Which is the sequel to his 1984 book, "The Witches of Eastwick.") When Jeff and I were driving, and he wondered what city we were passing by, I was able to have my phone locate us on the map, and tell him that the city off to our left was Newark.

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